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2018 Hosts, Deals, Prizes & Swag

Hosts & Deals

Bay View Boat Club will host Delta Doo Dah sailors at their Bradford Island site on August 11-12. See our itinerary page for more details.

Owl Harbor Marina on the San Joaquin River will host a BBQ on June 16 for Delta Doo Dah sailors and marina tenants. See details on our Itinerary page. Also, Owl Harbor offers one free night to registered DDD participants with a minimum two-night stay. A map of the entrance and dock layout are available here. Reserve a slip at (916) 777-6055.

Richmond Yacht Club hosted our Opening Act, a Delta Seminar & Kickoff Party, now scheduled for Saturday, May 12, 6-9 p.m. They supplied some excellent appetizers. See our itinerary page for details.

Stockton Sailing Club on the San Joaquin River will host Delta Doo Dah sailors in conjunction with the Delta Ditch Run on June 2. (See details on our Itinerary page; more to come.) Delta Doo Dah boats that enter the Cruising Division are welcome to stick around at SSC for two weeks free of charge. They also offer all official Delta Doo Dah entries three free nights in the harbor anytime during the year. SSC can arrange shuttle service to the grocery store or West Marine. "Stockton is a great place to start your DDD adventure," writes our friend at SSC, Tom Lueck. "After arriving you can pick up some local knowledge of places to go. It makes sense to start here and work your way back toward the Bay so that as your DDD vacation comes to an end you are only hours away from your home port."

Prizes & Swag

BugBand has supplied us with DEET-free mosquito repellent products to raffle off as a door prizes: a set of four insect repellent bands, a portable diffuser, two bottle of spray lotion, a box of towlettes, and some tow-towlette sample packs. We'll include these in a round of door prizes at Stockton Sailing Club on Sunday, June 3.

The California Delta Chambers & Visitor's Bureau will provide our fleet with copies of their booklet, Come Enjoy the California Delta, at the Kickoff Party. They've also sent us some prizes to raffle off: four California Delta shirts and four tickets to the Taste of the Delta event on August 4.

Latitude 38 is donating two theme-related surprise door prizes and one of our new sports team-themed hoodie sweatshirts for the Kickoff Party on May 12.

OPB-YC has donated four pairs of sailing gloves for us to give away at our Kickoff Party.

Owl Harbor has sent us a stylish turquoise canvas tote bag filled with equally stylish prizes to raffle off in our door prize drawing at the Kickoff Party on May 12.

Mini Firefighter is sending us four compact, convenient, tidy spray cans to raffle off. (The Mini Firefighers supplement — but don't replace — your USCG-required fire extinguishers.) We'll include these in a round of door prizes at Stockton Sailing Club on Sunday, June 3.

Delta Doo Dah X prize winners were:

  • 200,000 Miles book by Jimmy Cornell: Dura Mater.
  • Basic Cruising ASA textbook: Sinaloa.
  • Bug Band insect repellent bands: Sir Leansalot.
  • Bug Band insect repellent diffuser: Dura Mater.
  • Bug Band insect repellent spray: Marrakesh.
  • Bug Band insect repellent stick: Music.
  • Bug Band insect repellent wipes: Stink Eye.
  • Delta Chambers T-shirts: Sir Leansalot, Miss Irene, Fats and Marrakesh.
  • Mini Firefighter canisters: Ergo, Stewball and Stink Eye.
  • Latitude 38 hoodie sweatshirt: Mas Tiempo.
  • OPB sailing gloves: Even Keel, Odette, Fiona and Evenstar.
  • Owl Harbor gift bag: Annie.
  • Taste of the Delta Tickets: Annie and Andiamo.
  • X-Files DVD: Wiletie.
  • X-Men DVD: Toucan.

If you are interested in being a sponsor or a hosting marina, offering a special deal to our fleet members, or donating prizes for our drawings in 2018, please contact at (415) 383-8200 ext. 103, or at ext. 107.



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