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Slideshow, October 2013
You can view the big screen version of our Delta Doo Dah 2013 slideshow here:
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For stills of some (but not all) of these photos, see our photo gallery:
Christine Weaver, Doodette
Stink Eye, Laser 28

Doo Dah Bash, September 2013
How was your bash back to the Bay this summer?
We left Little Venice Yacht Club on the morning of Friday, August 9, with a destination of Pittsburg. We had a mellow start to the day (see photo of glassy water above), motoring with our 5hp outboard at 5 knots. As usual, the wind picked up in New York Slough in the afternoon, but we had a pleasant time in Pittsburg that evening. We attempted to depart Pittsburg on Saturday morning, but a nasty ebb chop combined with a strong breeze on the nose prompted us to turn back. We went to Antioch Marina, where we spent Saturday night before catching AMTRAK back to Richmond, then a cab to RYC and our car. It's a cheap and scenic train ride, and you get to see the water and countryside from a different perspective than you can get from a boat or from the road.
If you don't like the tide or the weather, just wait a couple of days and the cycle will change. I drove Jonathan back to the Richmond AMTRAK station on Tuesday night. He took the train to Antioch and had a peaceful and quick solo delivery from there to RYC on Wednesday the 14th.
Christine Weaver, Doodette
Stink Eye, Laser 28

Mildred Island Details, August 2013
I know Sizzle has the lat long for the entrance to Mildred's Island. I hope maybe some one will post it under this thread so I can find it again!
Lucie, GEORGIA Custom Van de Stadt 41'

Don't know the lat/long, but the entrance down Middle River off the San Joaquin is between Reds 2 and 4 opposite Venice Island. We were not able to find a suitable anchorage on the east side, due to aquarium weeds filling the good spots. We ended up continuing on to Tiki Lagun. Next time we'll check out the west side. Sea Star goes there a lot; perhaps they can tell us exactly where. Keep us posted Georgia!
Christine Weaver, Doodette
Stink Eye, Laser 28

Last year we had no problem using the northeast cut in the levee to get into Mildred. On Chart 18661 look for the cut that shows 23 feet of depth right at the entrance. The cut also recognizable if you know Five Fingers. It is about midway between Five Fingers and the label for Latham Slough on 18661.
Cheers and enjoy!
Jeff Cook, SV Annie

Yes, that is the route we took around Mildred, and there was plenty of depth for the deepest of our fleet. Five Fingers is beautiful, and we tried to get into two or three of them, but there were too many weeds. We made our token grounding of the week there. With the help of the wind, our puny 5 hp outboard was able to get us out.
Christine Weaver, Doodette
Stink Eye, Laser 28

Moore's Riverboat, August 2013
It's back! Pretty good, too. Well priced, big variety. Calamari, risotto, lasagna all tasty.
Lucie, GEORGIA Custom Van de Stadt 41'

The last time I was there, a year or two ago, I had a macadamia-encrusted halibut that was out of this world!
In other Delta restaurant news, I was sad to see Humphrey's at the Antioch Marina shut down. Apparently they were unable to pay their lease. Fortunately, Riverview, just down the road, is still going, and lives up to their name.
Christine Weaver, Doodette
Stink Eye, Laser 28

Delta virgins doing it for the first time, August 2013
Finally heading out to the Delta tomorrow with a boatload full of teenagers/guest from France/Germany: F13, F13, M15, M17, and M18. We have 5 days until Tuesday Aug. Our "tentative" float plan is:
Fri 8/9: Antioch
Sat/Sun 8/10-11 Potato Slough
Mon 8/12: Benicia
Possibly checking out the Classic Car show on Bethel Island Sat or Sun.
Let me know if you have any tips for good 'teenager-proof' destinations. Any rope swings out there?
Peter, Ericson 38-200 "Kranich"

We are at Little VenIce Yacht Club now, and there are a couple of swings here. There is a big Catalina with some teenagers too. Owl Harbor has a tree swing too and lots of critters that teens would enjoy.
Christine Weaver, Doodette
Stink Eye, Laser 28

We are in Benicia now. BIG BIG street fair going on NOW! I think there is a big ghost walk/talk next Saturday. Fun place! Take a day to walk the town, good eats.
Greg, Guenevere

Benicia is another great place to stop on the way to or from the Delta. Yesterday, we tried to make Benicia from Pittsburg but turned around as our outboard couldnt handle the ebb chop. Now we are in Antioch. We will take the afternoon train home, then J. will return the boat in a few days when the wind lightens up and the tide progresses to a flatter flood in the morning. Last night, Saturday night, in Antioch there was a free outdoor concert downtown, an R&B group. We had dinner at the Riverview. Humphrey's, which is right at the marina, is closed, sad to see. It is about as old as the marina, from the 1980s. By the way, Pittsburg's gas dock is open 7 days a week. Antioch's is closed Tuesday and Wed.
Christine Weaver, Doodette
Stink Eye, Laser 28

Tiki Lagun and Windmill Cove, August 2013
We're at Tiki Lagun on Turner Cut. Thinking of going to Windmill Cove tomorrow, Taco Tuesdays. Anyone been there recently? Wondering about depth. Any ideas about where to sail or dinghy for a nice bit of nature and a swimming hole?
Very friendly folks at Tiki Lagun. They will be very welcoming to other ddd boats. We did not make it to Windmill Cove last night. We spotted a great place to anchor in Turner Cut behind Acker Island so are there now. Off to Stockton SC today. Spent Sunday night at Sacramento Delta Bay Marina, a ddd sponsor. We arrived just after they closed, but they taped a gate key to the door so we could get around. Jolene helped us in the morning, very friendly. So far, I give a thumbs up to all the places we have stayed.
We reached the apex of our trip on Wed. when we got to Stockton SC and dropped into a beer can race. Now we are on our way back downriver, spending tonight at Little Venice YC and headed to Antioch tomorrow. I have been enjoying rowing our little Avon, but now it and our spinnaker are put away in the back forty.
Christine Weaver, Doodette
Stink Eye, Laser 28

The Toucan is in the Delta! August 2013
We made the move to our new Dooh Dah home at beautiful Owl Harbor. We got in late Friday night, and were welcomed with open arms assistance at the dock. Saturday was a fabulous barbeque and outdoor movie night! Where's everyone else in this DIY?
S/V Toucan

Guenevere just got into the Delta Marina in Rio Vista. Doing the Cajun Fest this weekend. Then we might head toward Owl Harbor? Or?

GEORGIA has moved to Bedroom #1, Potato Slough, Isleton for the summer, with a car at Korth's Pirate's Lair. Just got our Delta Doo Dah burgees flying again, the wind took them down. The shade awning was mangled in the wind, too. So we relax in the moderate down below.
Lucie Mewes

Let's go to Sacramento! July 2013
GEORGIA plans a dawdle from Georgiana Slough to Sacramento this coming week. Likely to stop at Steamboat Slough, Decker Island, and end up at Owl Harbor Friday, August 2 so we're filled up and topped off for Movie Night Saturday, August 3.

Lost our Bruce on a tree 22' deep in Georgiana! Roosters woke us at 4:30, rambling trucks kept us awake. Hmmmm.
Stopped at Walnut Grove for a diver and ice and an anchor at DECKHANDS just the other side of the bridge. Departed at 5PM for Freeport. As we got close, Ben spotted the Clarksburg Marina so I called. YES! They are available for one night stands (or longer) with WATER and POWER but no showers. The new owners Doug and Kathleen (?) were welcoming, describing the short walk to the Sugar Mill and Bogle for wine tasting.
BTW, the motor upriver took 3 1/2 hours at just under 5 kts. The river current ebbs all the time here.
GEORGIA Custom Van de Stadt 41'

The Freeport Bridge operates from 6 AM until 5 PM, unlike the other bridges which stay open until 10 from May - October. Both Cliff's and Freeport Marina have side-ties deep enough for GEORGIA's 8' draft. Cliff's doesn't boil the crawdads anymore. Now what do I do with all these crawdads. It is possible to sail the way from Freeport to Walnut Grove, but there's a bit of short-tacking!
GEORGIA Custom Van de Stadt 41'

We're here! July 2013
We've started our Doo Dah season by moving our boat to Owl Harbor for the summer. We've been in Bedroom 2 (Potato Slough) the past couple weekends with stops also at Mandeville Tip. We're heading down to Mildred Island this evening before heading to our favorite breakfast place at Turner Cut Resort tomorrow morning and then back to Owl.
Erik & Brian Jones, SV Sizzle, 1979 Glastron Spirit 28

Our first time here at Mildred. It's pretty and there's a beach here! Coordinates of the beach are 37° 59.088N 121°31.576W. Btw, there's a submerged obstruction only partially visible above the surface east of the line between the entrance and bearing 210°. Appears to be a piling. Keep watch!

We saw Guinevere on our way out of Owl last night. Sailed over to Potato under Genoa alone at 5 knots! It was our second time getting underway without using or engine at all! Gorgeous evening with that warm breeze!

Let's eat out tonight! July 2013
Garlic Brothers on 14 mile slough is on my list. I like other reviews, so I'm just going to reply to the thread with other places, and hope you will too!
Lucie on GEORGIA

Monday's pasta night at Rusty Porthole featured homemade tomato sauce, wow.
Lucie on GEORGIA

GEORGIA is doing the DIY Doo Dah! July 2013
GEORGIA is in Potato Slough, Bedroom #1, with a lot of old timers and friends. We missed some of you coming through, our burgees blew down in the wind. Dinghy exploration identified 2 Dooers in other bedrooms but I'd just gone swimming and wasn't dressed to meet strangers! Ben wants to cruise to Sacramento and beyond, yes we bought the book. (Long story.). Decker Island, Mildred's Island, Stockton Sailing Club are also on our list. Stink Eye's anchorage along False River is a big YES, and we love the Rusty Porthole too.
Tiki Lagun is reportedly nice now, and that "retracting" bridge is a must. Generally, Ben has an eye out for beaches: Lost Isle? Noticed small ones close to Stockton.
Lucie Mewes

We are at the Stockton Sailing club. Had a GREAT time watching the 80 kids at the sailing camp. They built sails for the boats today and raced them. What a hoot!
Greg, Guenevere

July Fourth 2013
The Toucan is going to be anchored out for the week of the 4th somewhere near the Duck Club and fireworks.
At the SoCal Ta Ta one of the highlights for me was the dinghy raft up potluck. Everyone who wasn't partying on Profligate met in the middle of the bay at Santa Cruz Island and we passed snacks and goodies from dinghy to dinghy well into the night. Lots of chatter and party games. I hope something similar spontaneously sprouts. We'll be flying our Dooh Dah colors!
S/V Toucan

Does anyone know how far back on the San Joaquin you can see the Hilton fireworks? For instance, can you see them from the Bedrooms in Potato Slough? Korth's Pirate's Lair? And where is the Duck Club? Thanks,
Christine Weaver, Doodette
Deflatable Quicksilver 10

Google Earth is a great tool for getting a preview of an unfamiliar place you are planning to visit. When you look at Venice Island in Google Earth along the southern edge there is a point that is identified as Duck Club. This is the location of the Hilton complex and where the fireworks barge will be. You can get an idea of the area and the relative positions of the bedrooms (also marked) and some pictures people have posted from past events.
S/V Toucan

Creating a current table for your Doo Dah dates/route online. June 2013
I tend to plan my routes, departure times etc… with currents in mind. If you want to create a current table specifically for your route & compare dates/times, I put together a website where you can make a current table from the spots you pick. The link is: Wrote the software for personal use a while ago & made a website for it at the suggestion of friends.
Hope this is of use for some of you, I have found it very valuable.
Dyer, Honu, 1969 Cal 2-30

Who's doing the Ditch? June 2013
Any Delta Doo Dah sailors racing in the Delta Ditch Run tomorrow? If so, what are your plans for the return trip to the Bay Area (if any!)?
We are racing our Laser 28, Stink Eye. We're looking forward to seeing our Stockton Sailing Club pals! I could only get one day off work next week, so our plan is to go from SSC to Antioch Marina on Sunday night, and continue home to Richmond YC on Monday. (Sunday is looking like the windiest of the next few days.) Sometimes I've been able to take more time off work after the DDR, and we've gunkholed our way back in a more leisurely manner. I've also done the bash from SSC to RYC in one day, albeit on a bigger boat.
Christine Weaver, Doodette
Stink Eye, Laser 28

Try a return stop a PITTSBURG Yacht Club, next to the marina. Friendly, free, further home....and at least as much to do as Antioch. Is there a DOO Dah special price in Antioch?

No special deal for us at Antioch, but the muni marina is reasonable and we often stop there as we can walk to town and to the Amtrak station if needed. On account of my accident, Stink Eye is still at SSC, but Jonathan is planning to drive up there tonight and bring the boat all the way home by himself tomorrow, starting at the crack of dawn. He thinks there's a weather window. With a northerly, once he makes the left turn into False River, he should be able to sail. Otherwise, 67 miles is a long way to go on a 5-hp outboard in one day! Then he'll have a long trip on public transportation Saturday to go get his truck. I can't drive yet.
Christine Weaver, Doodette with a broken wing

Rio Vista, June 2013
On our way back from Stockton Sailing Club, delivering our truck back from delivering our boat back from the Delta Ditch Run, we stopped in Rio Vista, as it was right along our way on Hwy. 12. (By boat, it's on the Sacramento River.) We saw that the Point Restaurant was closed down and for sale. Must have been a victim of the recession or ? (Does anyone know the story?) The Point is at the marina, right on the river, in a town where, surprisingly, not much else is. Maybe an opportunity for the right entrepreneur?
Christine Weaver, Doodette
Stink Eye, Laser 28

We pulled in here and stayed for a few days. Plan to depart tomorrow. we decided to keep the boat here and took a taxi to the Isleton Cajun Fest. We were unsure if the Isleton city dock would have any open spots. What a GREAT time we had! Shared the cab over with the crew of "Nomad", also on the Doo.
This is a VERY nice place. An Foster's Bighorn is still open and a very short walk from the marina. May not be appealing to all, but fun for a look and the food we has was very good.
Greg, Guenevere

Unfortunately The Point Rest. did close for the owner's health. It has been a family run business (still is owned by the same family) but none of the kids wanted to take it over. The Bauman Family still owns the property and are hoping to have a new tenant take over the restaurant.
Foster's Big Horn is a kick - so long as you aren't a vegitarian (it's pretty strange to have all those heads looking at you), and the food is good.
I'm sure there is a person looking just for this opportunity.
See you all soon,
Devery, Owl Harbor

We did go to Foster's Big Horn on our short stop in Rio Vista. Their bar was definitely the happening place to be on a Saturday late afternoon! Also got very good - and cheap - espresso drinks and ice cream at the friendly little video store. Nice to see a video store still in business.
Christine Weaver, Doodette
Ford F-250

Lira's is a great market not too far from Foster's (10 short blocks?). The Point is due to open sometime September. I had no idea there was a cab in Rio Vista! Great tip?
Lucie, GEORGIA Custom Van de Stadt 41

Delta Doo Dah DIY 2013 - Hooray!! March 2013
It is a wonderful time to be in the Delta with incredible sunrises and sunsets, great warm weather, and friendly places to visit. The fresh water on your face (and boats) is a nice treat along with miles of waterways to travel. We hope you get a chance to stop by, either for a night at the outdoor movie event, to get some fresh veggies from our garden or to just say hi.
Just let us know you are coming and we'll do the rest. We hope that from past years' participants, we will get an opportunity to show this year's groups a warm Owl Harbor Marina welcome, too.
Happy Boating, Cruising, Sailing, Relaxing, and all that floats your boat.
Devery, Kurtis, and the team
and of course Captain Jack Sparrow
Owl Harbor Marina

Delta Tunnels, May 2013
No, they're not the kind of tunnels that help commuters get through big hills, and they're not the kind that gophers dig to get to your veggies either. They're tunnels to carry Delta water south. We got this email from Stop the Delta Tunnels, and thought we'd share it with our fellow Delta lovers.
Go to to find out about current events and activities!
Christine Weaver, Webmistress, Latitude 38

IMPORTANT DELTA NEWS: With the recent release of Chapters 4 and 5 of the Bay and Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) we discovered the extent of damage that is planned as part of the 10-15 year tunnel construction project. Although the enormous 40 foot diameter tunnels will be 150 feet under the Delta, a huge on-the-ground 35-mile long construction project will be taking place for 10 to 15 years RIGHT THROUGH THE HEART OF THE DELTA: destroying scenic waterways and farmlands, impacting boating and recreation, impacting home values and farmers' lives. They plan to construct 50×300 foot docks (the length of a football field) for barges and construction work in many places through the center of the Delta. They will be bringing in transmission lines and lights and pile drivers. One construction site is on Bacon Island right next to the largest, most popular anchorage in the Delta: Mildred Island. Construction, night lights and pile driving all night all summer. One huge dock is planned on the most popular South Delta skiers and wakeboards run: Twin Sloughs. In the north, construcion sites are on Venice Island, Potato Slough - on and on.
They plan to add permanent roads, 60-foot wide shafts that go down 150 feet, on private farmlands and leave behind enormous, reeking, toxic "muck ponds" (left-over tunnel mud mixed with foaming agents, chemicals, and plastic). Won't toxic muck harm waterfowl that land there? How can toxic mud piles be good in the middle of farmland? Or near communities? In addition to the smelly muck pond site near the rural legacy town of Walnut Grove, one of the largest sites is just over a mile from Discovery Bay, for the entire length of the city! A smelly wastage dump right next to the most populated Delta boating community.
To find out more about the South Delta impacts, see To read about the impacts near Clarksburg and the North Delta, read the SacBee article
To learn more, go to our website (same site as - either URL works). Tell your friends to sign the petition!
- Stop the Delta Tunnels

BIG 5 or 6? April 2013
We have not been up in the Delta, other than one time for "mud bugs", by car. For all of you old timers, what would be the top 5 or 6 biggest places to put on our "MUST DO/SEE" list?
Greg & Jill, S/V Guenevere

Top five anchorages:
Hilton fireworks at Mandeville if you are there July 4th
Mildred Island which isn't really an island but a lake since the island broke with many anchorages all 10-12' deep depending on the tide
Any of the bedrooms in Potato Slough
The Meadows/Dredger cut are although a little farther to go
Horseshoe Bend on Decker Island
and many more depending on one's taste, like religion and anchors different opinions
Top five places to tie-up, eat, stretch legs etc.
Rusty Porthole
Moore's Riverboat
Stockton Sailing Club
Owl Harbor
King Island Resort
and many more depending on one's taste, like religion and anchors different opinions. It is hard to go wrong,
Jim & Betty, S/V Flibbertigibbet

Stink Eye's favorite spots are:
Franks Tract (anchor in the tule islands between Franks Tract and False River, dinghy to Bethel Island)
Owl Harbor (very special place)
Korth's Pirate's Lair (not as sailboat-friendly, but our 5-ft draft 28-footer likes it)
Georgiana Slough (usually a motor, not a sail; it's narrow but deep)
Walnut Grove (walk around historic and charming WG and Locke, dinghy around in the Meadows and nearby sloughs)
The long spinnaker run to Stockton Sailing Club, a very friendly destination
I think that makes 6!
Christine Weaver, Doodette
Stink Eye, Laser 28

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